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Quiz: Which Home is Right for you?

By Kristy Alpert 6.14.17

In the market for a new home? Should you rent or buy? Go for a chic apartment or rustic town house? The type of home you choose will not only affect your insurance but also affect your lifestyle. Take this quiz to see which kind of home fits your unique style.

Which of these modes of transportation would you prefer?

What is in your closet?

Your ideal Friday night entails:

What would you most like to add to your home?

Your ideal vacation destinations include:

When it comes to home repairs (e.g., fixing leaky faucets, etc.) the first thing you do is:

Which Home is Right for you?
You're a city slicker.

You can’t be taken out of a high-rise with a skyline view. Your ideal home is an apartment/loft that comes with a dedicated handyman and direct access to numerous shops and restaurants.
You’re a country dweller.

It doesn’t take much to make your nature-loving heart happy; all you need are wide-open spaces and a little spot to call your own. Anything more than an acre should suffice.
You’re destined for the suburbs.

Why choose between room and convenience when you can have them both? The suburbs are the place for you, where you’ll have space to store your toys and neighbors with whom to play with them.
You’re the ideal tiny-house owner.

Your dreams of adventure are greater than your aspirations for square footage. You’re best suited for a smaller house that’s low maintenance but full of character.

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