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9 Winter Soup Recipes to Warm Up Your Weeknights

By Peter Simek 2.17.22

What cures a cold — or thecold — better than soup? While days are short and the temperatures unpredictable this time of year, the chill in the air offers the perfect excuse to break out new recipes. From hearty roots to adventurous concoctions, here are nine of our favorite winter soup recipes from around the world and across the web.

winter soup recipes
Photo by Natalie Goff; styling by Kylie Valigura.

1. Chipotle Chicken Soup With Cornmeal Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings is a country classic. Tex-Mex flavoring is its match made in heaven. Black beans give this winter soup recipe substance; cumin and chipotle give it depth. This soup is basically a philosopher: It’s so good, it might make you think differently about life. Get the recipe from Taste of Home.

2. Old-Fashioned Beef Stew

Sometimes, there’s no reason to mess with a classic. This stew packs the favorites: chunks of beef, carrots, and potatoes enrich a simply but perfectly seasoned broth. Double the proportions so you have leftovers; it’s even better the next day. Get the recipe from NYT Cooking.

3. Creamy Tomato Soup With Buttery Croutons

Good tomato soup is so simple it can leave you wondering how only a few essential ingredients can undergo such a transformation. This winter soup recipe adds a little flair to the usual process — crispy, fluffy, white country bread croutons that add the perfect crunch to the silky soup. Get the recipe from Food & Wine.

winter soup recipes
Photo by Natalie Goff; styling by Kylie Valigura.

4. Roasted Cream of Cauliflower Parmesan Soup

There are so many things to love about this winter soup recipe. It’s deceptively easy, requiring only a few kitchen staples. It’s deliciously creamy, although not from actual cream but from a healthy dose of pureed cauliflower. It finishes with a good hulk of grated parmesan, which brings out the full complexity of the vegetables. Dig in and enjoy! Get the recipe from Whole and Heavenly Oven.

5. French Onion Soup

There’s a reason this unbelievably simple Parisian classic endures on winter menus in restaurants around the world. It is pure heavenly indulgence: a rich base of beef broth and loads of onions topped off with thick slices of crusty baguette smothered in melted Gruyere. A tip: Don’t shy away from the homemade beef broth. Seeking out beef marrowbones will reward your winter soup with the rich, flavorful undertones that make French onion soup the delight that it is. Get the recipe from Saveur.

6. Minestrone With Winter Greens

This Tuscan classic almost always pairs white beans with pasta, but adding the winter greens — chicory, escarole, or kale — toward the end of the cooking process is what really brings it together. Serve with grated cheese and red pepper flakes. Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

winter soup recipes
Photo by Natalie Goff; styling by Kylie Valigura.

7. Kadhi

This rich and flavorful winter soup recipe uses yogurt, chickpea flour, and a delicious bouquet of spices to create a creamy, complex soup. Depending on how much heat you like, you can increase or decrease the number of red chiles in the recipe. Get the recipe from Bon Appétit.

8. Gluten-Free Split Pea Soup

If you’re looking to cook something substantial while accommodating gluten-sensitive eaters, this cozy split pea soup recipe does the trick. It derives its rich flavor from three key ingredients: a small ham shank, a generous teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, and plenty of time. The longer you cook it, the more the peas and ham will break down, and the more the flavors will blend. Pop it on the stove early on a chilly Saturday, settle in with a good book, and prepare yourself for a delicious dinner. Get the recipe from Heartbeet Kitchen.

9. Winter White Cioppino With Salty Scallion Oil

This inventive take on the traditional Italian fish stew is a wonderful warmup on a gray winter’s day, particularly if you live near the coast and have access to super-fresh seafood. Potato-leek broth invites in fennel, yellow onion, white fish, shrimp, and mussels — all brightened up with homemade scallion oil. Get the recipe from My Kitchen Little.

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