Texas Travel

3 Apps for Texas Travelers

By Chuck Cox 2.26.13

It wasn’t so long ago when taking a road trip in Texas meant dealing with a paper map that seemed impossible to fold, and occasionally having to pull over at a gas station to make a phone call. If you’re younger than 25 years old, you can go ahead and stop laughing now.

Those days are as distant as the stars at night that are big and bright. With technology moving forward by leaps and bounds, you can now hop into your car and go see the Alamo, the San Jacinto Monument, NASA, or Cowboys Stadium with all the directions and information you need right at your fingertips. Technology can be a pretty wonderful thing. And the smartphone just might be the greatest thing since Texas barbecue. Kidding.

In addition to having a global positioning system on most phones, phone apps make traveling easier too. When it comes to travelling in the Lone Star state, here are three apps that can enhance your experience.

Texas Markers: This app is really a must-have for Texans who want to be in touch with the history of our great state. It has a pin dropped on every historical marker in Texas, along with the text from each one of them. Even if you’re not traveling any time soon, this one is worth having. Cost: 99 cents.

San Antonio Official Travel Guide: This app also pin drops attractions, hotels, and restaurants in the Alamo city. It also features deals and shopping with photos and video. Pretty cool stuff. Cost: Free.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance: Unfortunately, accidents can happen when you’re enjoying some leisure time. If they do, this app allows members to view their policies or file a claim. It also offers electronic proof of insurance and an agent contact list. How’s that for convenience? Cost: Free.