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Tyler, Texas: The Unofficial Rose Capital of America

By Kristy Alpert 7.6.16

Not every city can boast hundreds of thousands of roses perfuming its confines with a delicate and cheerful aroma.

Set among the rolling hills of East Texas, Tyler’s natural beauty and Piney Woods hospitality have made it the unofficial Rose Capital of America. Tyler is more than a midway point between Dallas and Shreveport, Louisiana, but rather a destination all its own.

Historic Namesake

Founded in 1846, the city was named in honor of President John Tyler — who, just one year earlier, helped facilitate legislation admitting Texas into the United States. Today the city is pulsating with life, ranging from business to history to shopping and food.

Rose Gardens Galore

As for that unique floral distinction, Tyler hosts the largest municipal rose garden in the country, called the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, and nearly one-fifth of all commercial rose bushes produced in the U.S. are grown in Tyler and surrounding Smith County.

Every October, the city buzzes with excitement as visitors swarm to the city for the annual Texas Rose Festival, which includes the iconic Rose Parade.

Something for Everyone

But October isn’t the only time to visit this charming city, as its 13.8 miles of brick streets offer a picturesque path to a host of landmarks and antique shops. Tyler’s events, galleries, and museums celebrate the beauty and diversity of the region. Gallery Main Street, housed in a historic building, showcases original artwork created by area artists.

When the weather is nice, there’s no better way to spend the day than strolling through the stunning Azalea Residential Historic District or heading out for a picnic at Tyler State Park.