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Enjoy Drive-In Drama at These Four Throwback Theaters

By Valirie Morgan 6.6.16

Let’s wax nostalgic for a minute, back to the days of poodle skirts and jukeboxes, when the drive-in theater was the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night.

Nowadays, it may seem like drive-in movies are a thing of the past. But think again! June 6 is National Drive-In Movie Day, so celebrate with a trip to some places that keep this tradition alive and well in Texas. We just can’t condone stuffing an extra passenger in the trunk!

Sandell Drive-In, Clarendon

A testament to the greatness of the drive-in, Sandell originally opened in 1955, but it was redone and reopened in 2002. Staying true to its roots with a single screen and frequent showings of classic films, it touts a reputation for the “best burgers in the Panhandle.”

The Showboat Drive-In, Hockley

Just 45 minutes from Houston, this blast from the past allows adults, kids, and even pets to enjoy a double feature every weekend. Among today’s offerings are a snack bar and digital projection system to showcase new releases.

Big Sky Drive-In, Midland

This cinema under the stars shows double features on three screens nightly. Known for its famous “Chihuahua Sandwich” — tostadas loaded with homemade chili, onions, shredded cabbage, and pimento cheese — it satisfies both movie lovers and chow hounds.

Galaxy Drive-In, Ennis

Retro mixes with modern on Galaxy’s seven screens, two of which show films in 3D. Moviegoers can listen along over their car radio, or get the authentic drive-in experience with vintage window speakers. A putt-putt course, two snack bars, and live music add to the fun.

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