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Grapevine’s great train robbery

By Rachel Elmalawany 6.13.13

Imagine the old West. Cowboys wearing chaps and silver spurs, driving their cattle to market. The frontier stretches ahead, unexplored. Trains carry passengers in elegant cars. And with trains come robbers. You and your family can experience a reenactment of an old-fashioned train robbery in Grapevine.

What: Grapevine Vintage Railroad

The Grapevine Vintage Railroad features authentic steam and diesel locomotives with ticket options for first or touring class. Robbers on horseback fire blank rounds and stop the train to hand out “loot” to passengers. The Marshall boards and chases the robbers through the train. The entire adventure is done with a fun, light-hearted, comedic tone. It’s a great experience for young children and train enthusiasts alike.

When: Trains every Saturday

Experience a stick-up every Saturday, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The train is also available for regular rides throughout the year, except during maintenance in January and February.

Where: Fort Worth Stockyards

The train travels on the historic Cotton Belt Route between downtown Grapevine and the Forth Worth Stockyards. Take a break at the Stockyards and watch one of the twice-daily longhorn cattle drives.


Schedule your trip, and buy tickets online here. Seats fill up fast, so be sure to book tickets at least a day in advance because there’s no guarantee you’ll get a spot.