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Mall-Proof Your Car This Holiday

By James Mayfield 11.19.14

During the rush of the holiday season, we tend to focus on making sure our wallets don’t take a hit — but what about our cars? Once you finally find that prized mall parking spot (in a busy, well-lit area, of course), keep your car safe. Here’s how:

  1. Never leave anything visible inside your vehicle. We all know to hide valuables, but leave nothing to chance. Even empty backpacks and shopping bags can lure thieves. Loose change, plastic sunglasses, and items with personal information (including receipts) also draw unwanted attention.
  2. Hide valuables in your trunk or glove box prior to arriving at your destination. Stashing purchases in full view of passersby only tips off thieves.
  3. Leave no evidence of that GPS (or any other accessory). Wipe clean that little suction cup ring your GPS leaves behind and hide any phone cords, both alert thieves to the potential of valuable devices left inside.
  4. Close windows completely and lock your doors. Even that little half-inch crack is enough for a thief to gain entry. Take all keys with you.

Once you’re ready to head home, exercise caution when trying to escape the mall mayhem. “Most accidents are caused when someone is backing out of a parking place — or two people back into each other,” says Marcia Allen, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Grapevine. “It’s more difficult to see who’s coming and easy to be distracted by your phone or the next sale you’ve got to get to.”

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