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Texas’ Best Beaches for Seashell Collecting

By Lisa Martin 7.22.16

Our 367 miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico lure visitors for swimming, fishing, and “seashelling” — the leisurely practice of collecting seashells. So slather on some sunscreen, grab a small bucket and head to one of these three beaches, which are prime spots for hunting down these little gifts from the sea.

Sea Shell Beach Pocket Park 3

Where: Galveston

Galveston residents whisper that the best time to discover shells at the aptly named Sea Shell Beach is during the winter months, preferably after a nasty storm. But regardless of the weather, this 10-acre destination on the western end of the island offers great seashelling four seasons a year. Look for Murex and Shark’s Eye along with a variety of scallops and clam.

Packery Channel Beaches

Where: North Padre Island

As part of the world’s longest undeveloped barrier island, Packery Channel Beaches on North Padre Island play host to dozens of varieties of seashells including Spiny Jewelboxes, Cayenne Keyhold Limpets, and Atlantic Giant Cockles. Search for sand dollars and seabeans, too. “Throughout history, seabeans have been used for everything from jewelry making to creating musical instruments,” notes Jody Diehl who blogs at oneshellofafind.com.

Surfside Beach

Where: Brazoria County

Some 600 types of shell species speckle the golden sands at Surfside Beach, including Lightning Welk, Horse Conch, and Zebra Periwinkle. The Brazosport Convention and Visitors Council invites you to take what you find as long as you comply with beach rules.

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