Texas Travel

The Capital of Capitals

By Callie Leahy 9.16.15

Fun fact — Austin hasn’t always been the capital of Texas. Dating back to the 1800s, the Lone Star State has had several different capitals including Velasco, Houston, and Washington-on-the-Brazos. But in addition to Texas’ intriguing history, our great state is home to unique capitals from the tip of the panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico!

Check out some of these popular — and some not so well known — capitals across Texas.

Tyler — The rose capital of the world
The popular East Texas town is widely known as the rose mecca of the Lone Star State, but did you know Tyler is actually the Rose Capital of the world? Soil and weather conditions make Tyler the ideal spot for raising rose gardens, which put the city on the map during the Depression as the Tyler area boomed with business.

Bandera — The cowboy capital of the world
Located just outside of San Antonio, Bandera is a little slice of heaven with a Texas twang. The cowboy capital of the world earned this distinction because of the prevalence of places such as dude ranches and honky-tonks, which are located throughout town. Just be sure to bring your boots when you visit!

Friona — The cheeseburger capital of Texas
What do you get when you combine beef, wheat, and dairy country in the Lone Star State? Well, you get Friona. This West Texas town hits the trifecta of agriculture and turns its bounty into delicious buns, burgers, and cheese. The town’s cheeseburgers are available for sampling each year at its Annual Cheeseburger Festival.

ŸJefferson — The bed and breakfast capital of Texas
From the brick streets to the horse-drawn carriages, the East Texas town of Jefferson is rich in Lone Star history. Also known as the “Riverport to the Southwest,” Jefferson offered a familiar stay to travelers entering the port, putting it on the map as the bed and breakfast capital of Texas.

Here are some other interesting capitals across Texas —

  • Baird — The antique capital of Texas
  • Garland — The cowboy hat capital of Texas
  • Hawkins — The pancake capital of Texas