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4 Benefits of Having an Insurance Agent

By Staci Parks 6.6.22

We live in a world where you can get pretty much anything with just the tap of an app — even insurance coverage. But there are some things that technology just can’t replace. Having a local Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent by your side is one of them. When you need it most, an agent can offer everything from helpful advice to personalized customer service.

Here are the four top benefits of having an insurance agent for your family, business, and assets.

1. Saving Time and Money

The first benefit of having an insurance agent is access to a one-stop-shop for insurance coverage, as they will do a majority of the legwork for you. Once your agent knows your coverage needs (and gaps), they will be able to compile insurance options for you to evaluate. Plus, they’ll know how to save you money by bundling certain coverages and helping you determine what you do — and don’t — need on your insurance policy.

2. An Expert’s Perspective

Not only will they answer your questions, but agents also have the insight to pose scenarios you’ve never considered. Eryn Reedy, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Mineral Wells, likes to have a general conversation with her policyholders to get to know them and their coverage needs. “I’m going to hear something that’s going to make me want to ask you questions to make sure we have you properly insured,” Reedy says.

Once, Reedy was advising a woman who had a house on several acres that included a hay field. When the woman mentioned that she only had homeowners’ insurance, Reedy saw a potentially harmful coverage gap. The woman’s current insurance company didn’t know about her farm and ranch exposure, and — should something happen — the damage might be outside the scope of her homeowners’ policy, leaving her liable for thousands of dollars in damages. Knowing this, Reedy was able to properly alert her to a coverage gap.

3. Access to Advice

While Google can answer a lot of questions, information online can also lead you astray. A benefit of having a local insurance agent in your corner is getting quick, thorough answers to complex coverage questions, whether you’re buying a house or insuring your teen’s new car.

You can rest assured that you’re getting well-informed advice from your agent, who has your best interests at heart and is trained and licensed to advise you. “Having an Agent is priceless because we’re here working for you,” Reedy says. “Put it in the hands of a licensed professional [who] knows what they’re doing.”

4. An Unmatched Personal Touch

Working with a local agent comes with a strong sense of community. In small Texas towns, agents are often aware of their policyholders’ big, life-changing milestones, from new babies to lost loved ones.

Recently, Reedy’s policyholder’s husband died. Reedy did what she could to help by filing the death claim. Reedy reached out, letting her policyholder know the paperwork was ready when she was. While this seems like a case of exceptional customer service, Reedy doesn’t see it that way.

“That’s the benefit of having someone who’s in your community and who cares about you personally, and you’re not just another number to them,” Reedy says. “That’s what an agent can do for you in those types of situations.”

No matter your needs, your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent is there. Contact your Agent to review your coverage.

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