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6 Hacks for Managing Your Policy

By Abi Grise Morgan 10.4.21

Managing your policy has never been easier or greener. There are lots of ways to update and explore your policy online. Are you taking advantage of all the conveniences available to you? Check out these six hacks for managing your policy from Rodney Hooper, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Rockwall helping his neighbors make the most of their coverage.

1. Go Paperless

Enrolling in e-billing is a win-win for you and for the environment. Opt in to get your statements via email. It’s a no-brainer: less paper, less hassle, less postage to pay.

2. Schedule Automatic Payments

Set it and forget it. When you schedule automatic recurring payments with AssurancePay®, you have the peace of mind that your bill will always be paid on time, without any extra fees.

3. Download the Mobile App

You no longer need to rifle through your wallet, purse, or glovebox for physical insurance ID cards. Instead, download the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance App, available on the App Store and Google Play. You can report a claim or reach out to your Agent with just a tap, from anywhere. You can even summon roadside assistance.

And don’t forget about your perks as a Texas Farm Bureau member. “One of the best parts of the app is that you can access your Texas Farm Bureau member benefits,” Hooper says. “There are a number of deals people aren’t even aware of until they look.”

4. Set Up Your Account Preferences

Update your policy at the speed of life. Through the login portal, you can add family members to your policy, update your account information, and customize your communications preferences for optimal convenience.

5. Start an Auto Quote Online

Breeze through the “intake” portion of getting an auto quote. Simply start your auto quote online, on your terms and on your time. When you’re finished, an Agent will reach out to you via phone or email (your choice) with a quote.

6. Speak to a Human

With all the technological advancements that make your policy management easier, Hooper reminds us that on the other side of the screen there is always a human being there to help.

“We really try to focus on being personable and accessible for our customers,” he says. “When you call our office, you don’t have to go through a 15-minute automated menu system — you can get the help you need from a human, when you need it.

For more helpful tips on how to manage your policy, contact your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent or read more from our blog.

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