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Guide to Optional Auto Insurance Coverages in Texas

By Emily C. Laskowski 11.16.21

You’ve got places to go. A standard auto insurance policy will cover many situations, but a few optional auto insurance coverages can help cover even the most niche or unexpected events on the road.

Basic auto insurance in Texas covers bodily injury and property damage up to a point — this basic coverage starts at 30/30/25 and can go up from there. But exceed that coverage, and you might wish you had added a few of these optional auto insurance coverages.

Many folks might balk at additions to a basic plan, but Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Lisa Evans-Masters recommends that Texas drivers consider these additions; they’re mostly inexpensive, making the added protection worth the investment.

We asked Evans-Masters to give us a rundown of these optional coverages for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance policyholders:

Death Indemnity

For worst-case scenarios, death indemnity coverage ensures that your estate will be paid $5,000 in the event of a fatal auto accident.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

This plan covers up to $120 if you need towing, if you locked the keys in the car, if you run out of gas, or if you need a jump. It also covers up to $120 if the policyholder has a windshield ding; so rather than replacing the whole windshield, you can claim a minor repair on your roadside assistance.

Medical Payments

Coverage amounts here can vary up to $10,000, which might help depending on the situation. If you’re hurt in an accident, for example, but someone else in the vehicle also needs medical treatment, this will help cover their medical payments.

Car Rental

If you’re in an accident and need a rental car to drive while your vehicle is being repaired, there is coverage for that. You are covered for up to $1,050 per occurrence and $35 per day. Partnerships with rental car companies such as Enterprise also give Texas Farm Bureau Insurance policyholders additional discounts for rental cars when the rental is not due to an accident.


Remember that basic plans cover you up to a point — vehicle valuations and asset protection might matter depending on your situation. That also goes for your stage of life. A policyholder who has three or four properties or owns a business has a larger scale of things to protect — usually people like that will have an umbrella policy to pick up when other policy limits are exhausted.

No matter where you are, optional auto insurance coverages are designed for your exact needs. Contact your local Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent to learn the options that may be right for you. If you have a teen who is getting ready to drive, here’s what to know about adding them to your auto policy.

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