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FAQs: Texas Farm Bureau Membership

By Staci Parks 7.10.23

For nearly a century, Texas Farm Bureau has been the “voice of Texas agriculture” through its leadership and work on behalf of Texas farmers and ranchers and their families. The nonprofit now serves more than 500,000 member families by offering an array of member benefits and supporting communities throughout Texas.

Most people are familiar with Texas Farm Bureau through its subsidiary organization Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. But Texas Farm Bureau has a storied history of grassroots advocacy, including helping protect property rights and securing economic incentives to help farmers keep farming while making food affordable.

“Being a member of Texas Farm Bureau, you are part of a network that works to support farming, ranching, and the Texas way of life,” says Kristin McGinty, an Agent in Hubbard.

Here are six frequently asked questions about Texas Farm Bureau membership and its many benefits.

Q. How does Texas Farm Bureau support its members?

A: In addition to an assortment of Texas Farm Bureau member-only benefits, discounts, and services, each county farm bureau supports its local community in various ways, McGinty says. Depending on the bureau, this support can come in the form of:

  • Scholarships for local high school students.
  • Add-ons for projects at the country fair.
  • Summer youth leadership programs.
  • Agriculture education programs for elementary teachers and students.

Q. What does a Texas Farm Bureau membership include?

A: With a Texas Farm Bureau membership, you and your family will get immediate access to dozens of benefits and services, but you also get access to Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. You’re able to tap into an array of insurance coverage—ranging from farm and ranch to property insurance—as a Texas Farm Bureau member.

Q. What kinds of member benefits are there?

A: There are dozens of member-exclusive benefits and services that come with a Texas Farm Bureau membership to help you and your family save time and money. These benefits are easily sorted into five categories: vehicle, travel, services, products, and health. Some of the most popular Texas Farm Bureau member benefits and services are:

Q. How much are the annual Texas Farm Bureau membership dues?

A: Membership dues vary from county to county. Local volunteer county Farm Bureau boards determine the amount.

Q. When do my Texas Farm Bureau member benefits start?

A: You can start enjoying Texas Farm Bureau member benefits as soon as your membership is submitted and your annual fee is paid. However, there may be some restrictions, depending on the offer and company.

Q. How do I access my Texas Farm Bureau member benefits?

A: The best way to access your Texas Farm Bureau member benefits is online at Texas Farm Bureau’s “Member Benefits” page, which includes an extensive list of membership offerings. Depending on the benefit or service, you may have to provide one or more of the following to receive the benefit:

  • Your Texas Farm Bureau member number.
  • Your ZIP code.
  • A code on the “Member Benefits” page.

Many of the services and benefits also include a phone number you can call for assistance or questions. See a full list of current Texas Farm Bureau member benefits and services.

Learn more about Texas Farm Bureau member benefits and how you can use them to enhance your family’s lives. Begin or renew your Texas Farm Bureau membership today!

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