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Member Benefits: Security At Home and Online

By Abi Grise Morgan 2.7.20

You can’t put a price tag on family, but you can count the discounts on security services and products you get for being a Texas Farm Bureau member. There are simple ways to protect the people and things that have a special place in your heart, from trespassing prevention to identity-fraud protection. Are you taking full advantage of these member benefits?

Tell Trespassers to Get Lost

Private-property and no-trespassing signs can help prevent unintentional trespassing, such as lost hikers who unknowingly trail wildlife onto your property. They can also help protect you, your family, your livestock, and your property against theft. In one or two words, you warn trespassers that they’re entering a territory that is cared for and monitored.

If your sign does not deter a crime, you can at least get the peace of mind that justice is more likely to be served. The Property Protection Program offers a $1,000 reward for information leading to arrests and convictions for trespassing, theft, or mischief on your property.

Pick up your sign today at your county Farm Bureau office.

Outsmart Identity Thieves

To digital thieves, your identity is often worth more than the valuables in your home. According to the Federal Trade Commission, there were 3 million cases of identity fraud and theft in the U.S. in 2018, and the figure continues to climb. After all, with every new technological advancement comes advancements in piracy.

Texas Farm Bureau members get discounts on VerifID, a defense system against identity fraud that won’t break the bank. Call 866.440.1146 to learn more.

These member-only perks are great add-ons to your best line of defense against threats to your property: comprehensive insurance coverage. Schedule a 360 Review with your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent today to ensure you have the right policy for your needs, come any unexpected event.

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