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A Drive Down Texas’ Windiest Road: The Twisted Sisters

By Peter Simek 2.7.20

A lot of Texas is flat and the roads are straight, running across wide-open vistas toward a vast horizon.

In the Hill Country, however, the southern prairie rises into an expanse of rugged terrain, filled with mesquite-peppered canyons, limestone bluffs, and winding rivers that cut through the plateau.

The picturesque region offers some of the state’s best roads for scenic drives. And while there are hundreds of miles of beautiful roads to explore in the Texas Hill Country, few can match the stunning adventure offered by the famed Twisted Sisters.

Here’s a guide down the windiest road in Texas.

The Perfect Afternoon Drive

The Twisted Sisters refers to three farm-to-market roads that create a 100-mile loop through the heart of the Hill Country. FM 335, 336, and 337E are all two-lane, black-asphalt roads that twist through some of the toughest terrain in Texas. That route makes for stunning views of the sides of the road, which twist up the hills, race down through canyons, and bend along the edges of cliffs. It can also make for dangerous driving. A sign on Road 336 warns that since 2006, 10 motorcyclists have lost their lives on the Twisted Sisters.

You may find your knuckles turning white as you tackle the Twisted Sisters’ challenges. These include hairpin turns, steep hills, falling rocks, severe drop-offs, uneven asphalt, and livestock that wander onto the road. One 15-mile section of the road boasts more than 65 curves.

But these obstacles are also what make the Twisted Sisters such an incredible driving experience. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the drive is trying to take in the spectacular canyons and views out to the wide rolling hills while staying safe on the road.

Navigating the Twisted Sisters

The best way to experience the Twisted Sisters is to start in Medina and head west on 337. FM 337 is in the best condition of the three roads, and this relatively easy drive will help get you situated to the stark beauty of the terrain.

At Leakey, turn north onto FM 336. Here is the most challenging section of the Twisted Sisters (and the one with the most accidents), featuring a long succession of twists and turns with limited road visibility but maximum scenic views.

When you hit TX-41, head west until the junction with FM 335, where you will make a left to head back south. The return route on FM 335 saves the best for last. This isolated road winds its way along the course of the Nueces River as it heads back south. FM 335 will reconnect with FM 337 at Camp Wood to complete the loop.

Taking your time driving the Twisted Sisters allows you not only to savor the beauty but also to make a few pit stops along the way. The Apple Store Bakery & Cafe in Medina is a favorite lunch spot for the many motorcyclists who flock from around the country to this famous riding loop. Make another stop at the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum, which celebrates the Twisted Sisters’ motorcycling heritage with a collection of rare and vintage bikes.

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