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Shed Security to Protect Against Burglars

By Abi Grise Morgan 3.20.23

A shed can be a valuable addition to your property, providing extra storage space and a place to keep your tools and outdoor equipment. However, sheds can also be vulnerable to burglars. While you’re hammering away at a new DIY project or conducting a yard cleanup this spring, criminals passing through could be scoping out your inventory.

Here are some shed security tips for protecting against burglars:

1. Keep your shed locked at all times.

Many burglars are opportunists. A heavy-duty padlock or combination lock can effectively deter these types. Ensure the hardware connecting the lock to the shed is sturdy and can’t simply be ripped off. Even if it’s a hassle, keep your shed locked while working in the yard to keep prying eyes at bay.

2. Upgrade your hinges.

Sometimes crooks will bypass your lock entirely by removing your door hinges. Invest in high-quality hinges and tamper-proof pins and screws.

3. Install security lighting.

Burglars prefer to operate in the dark, so adding shed security lighting to the area around your shed can help to deter them. Motion-activated lights are a good option, as they will turn on when a burglar approaches, hopefully startling them.

4. Use security cameras.

Installing security cameras around your shed can provide an extra layer of protection. Burglars think twice about breaking into homes with cameras because you then have incriminating evidence for the courtroom.

5. Get a shed security ‘window treatment.

Does your shed have windows? Install bars or grates ASAP and cover the windows from the inside to keep burglars from sizing up the valuables within.

6. Properly secure your shed to the ground.

When a shed is not fixed to the ground or its foundation, a burglar can simply jack up the side of the wall and slip in underneath. Another good reason to fix your shed to the ground? You don’t want it blown over during a storm!

7. Secure tools that could be used for a home burglary.

Burglars love to find a shed that doubles as their toolbox to break into your house. Always store your ladder inside the shed and lock it to a floor anchor. Keep crowbars and bolt cutters locked inside a tool chest or stored inside your house.

8. Engrave your name on tools.

Thieves will find it a huge pain to try and sell equipment with your name on it. Use a Dremel to scrawl your John Hancock prominently and visibly on your high-dollar tools. You can also use your driver’s license number.

9. Stay organized.

Sheds can easily become a tangled heap of tools. For your sanity and security, try to give every tool a designated “home” inside your shed. Record serial numbers and create a photo inventory of your tools so that, in the event your shed is burglarized, you can easily show the police what went missing. This can make a big difference in recovering your property and prosecuting the offender.

10. Keep a record.

Keeping a record of your tools also comes in handy if you need to make an insurance claim due to theft. Call your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent to walk you through your policy and make sure your shed and the valuables inside are covered.

In the meantime, learn everything you can about protecting your home in our home security guide.

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