Texas Living

3 Kitchen Life Hacks


By Augusta Neal

The season of fall entails many wonderful things; like beautifully colored leaves, an excuse to buy boots, and multiple delicious seasonal treats. On the downside, it also brings its own set of family responsibilities, busy school schedules, and little to no down time. That’s why any shortcut to a more organized home, no matter how small, is always more than welcome.

These three kitchen life hacks will help you stay organized when you’re trying to get your kids out the door on those busy fall mornings.

Command Space
More shelf room means better storage. Lids may seem small and insignificant, but they get in the way of neatly stacked pots and pans. Enter: command hooks. Stick two plastic hooks on the inside shelf door, slanted toward each other; place the lid centered between the plastic hooks. Store as many lids along the bottom shelves that you have room for, and you’ll never have to dig deep in the back of the bottom shelf for a lid again.

Stand Up
One of the most common ways to store trays, cutting boards, or cookie sheets is to pile them. A better way is to prop them standing. Do this with the help of short tension curtain rods. Depending on how deep your shelves are, wedge four to six rods on one side, about 2 inches apart. Slide your thinner kitchenware vertically along the rods, and find another use for your flat oven drawer.

Replace Interiors
Wouldn’t you love a convenient area in which to tack recipes and measurement conversions? Corkboards are great, but who wants one in their kitchen? Solution: Hide it. Cut a corkboard to fit the inside perimeter of your top shelf door and superglue it secure. Painting a shelf interior with chalk paint is another kitchen life hack alternative you may want to consider, if your surface allows.

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