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Home Landscaping Tips to Boost Value

By Peter Simek 4.4.24

Texas’ unpredictable weather can make home landscaping feel like navigating a minefield. But there is no reason why our long, hot, and dry months or occasional freezes should compromise the look of your yard. In fact, a few innovative design ideas can go a long way to ensuring your yard increases your home value rather than tanking it.

Studies have shown that landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by 10-20%. Investing in projects that expand living space and add low-maintenance appeal is key. Here are some landscaping design concepts tailored for Texas homeowners looking to make a significant impact on a modest budget.

home landscaping plants

Create a Texas-Friendly Garden With Native Plants

Designing with native plants is not just an eco-conscious decision — it’s a smart financial move. Native species like Texas lantana, black-eyed Susan, and blue sage thrive in the local climate, reducing the need for watering and maintenance. Arrange these plants in clusters to create a visually appealing tapestry of colors and textures that captivate the eye. Incorporating native grasses, such as buffalo grass or blue grama, can add a wild, natural beauty to your home’s landscape.

home landscaping gravel

Utilize Decorative Gravel for Chic, Low-Maintenance Spaces

Gravel gardens offer a modern, minimalist aesthetic that withstands extreme weather conditions. Use decorative gravel as a ground cover in areas where grass struggles to grow. Pairing gravel with drought-resistant plants or striking succulents like agave or yucca can create an elegant, water-wise garden space requiring minimal maintenance.

home landscaping

Incorporate Outdoor Living Areas with Creative Hardscaping

Adding hardscaping that extends living areas outdoors is a significant way to increase your home’s value. In fact, analyses have shown that decks are one of the landscaping home improvement projects with the most significant return on investment (ROI). Surround your outdoor space with a vertical garden on a trellis or a pergola to introduce both shade and resilient plant life to your outdoor living room that boots your home’s potential value.

home landscaping

Avoid Niche and High-Maintenance Features

A koi pond may seem like a tranquil idea in the moment, but the upkeep may quickly become a headache, making reselling your home difficult. Similarly, fountains and other water features are high maintenance and could turn out to be a poor ROI if future buyers see it as a safety hazard for children or pets.

home landscaping lighting

Design With Dynamic Edging and Lighting

Dynamic edging and lighting are a simple, low-cost, and low-maintenance way to create defined spaces in your garden that give it an elevated and intentional appearance. Use natural stone or recycled materials for a cost-effective solution that complements Texas’ landscape. Plus, edging your garden beds or pathways with stones or native plants can also help reduce soil erosion. Adding a few spotlights along your front porch or garden areas illuminates your home’s beauty while increasing safety and security.

Implement a Rainwater Harvesting System for Budget Boost

Texas can experience both long droughts and torrential downpours. A rainwater harvesting system can help you retain water to bolster you through the hot summer months. Plus, it will cut down on those expensive summer water bills. You can create a simple DIY system by installing collecting barrels under your gutters’ downspouts. Get creative with your design and disguise the barrels by positioning them within planted beds to your yard’s overall appeal.

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