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6 Things to Do Before Rainy Season in Texas

By Patrick Reardon 4.4.24

The wettest season of the year in Texas is late spring, when April showers bring May flowers — and lots of trouble, too. The rainy season is great for lawns and new plants in your garden, but rain has some dangerous implications if you’re not well prepared.

Here’s our checklist of six essential things to do before Texas’ rainy season gets underway.


1. Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters around your house redirect rainwater away from your home, protecting your foundation and walls from leaks and erosion. But if your gutters aren’t well-prepped for the rainy season, you could find yourself with backed-up downspouts and overflowing drainage pipes. Be sure to remove any leaves, dirt, branches, and other debris that may have collected in your gutters since their last cleaning, and flush out your downspouts with a hose. Get our full guide to cleaning your gutters here.


2. Adjust Your Sprinkler Schedule

A healthy green lawn is the envy of every neighborhood, so many homes are equipped with automated sprinkler systems to feed their thirsty grass. But when a week of nonstop rain is incoming, it’s best to pause these automatic systems to avoid doubling the effort — not only does it help you save a bit on the water bill, but you’ll reduce the chance of overwatering and damaging your grass.


3. Get a Rain Barrel

Another way to save on water bills this spring is by hooking your drain pipes up with a rain barrel. Most rain barrels have a mesh filter to keep dirt and debris out of the rainwater you collect, allowing you to repurpose it later to irrigate your garden or lawn. Depending on the size, you can get one for around $100 at most home improvement stores, or check out our guide to building your own.


4. Replace Your Car’s Windshield Wipers

Getting caught in the rain, especially a torrential downpour is not only incredibly un-fun when you’re driving but can also be incredibly dangerous. Better safe than sorry — use the incoming rainy season as a reminder to replace the windshield wipers on your vehicles with fresh blades to reduce the risks on rainy roads.


5. Protect Your House Against Flooding Hazards

Along with the rain, April marks the beginning of flash flood season in Texas. They often come out of nowhere and can wreak havoc on your property, besides being a danger to your family. There are a few preventive measures you can take to mitigate flood damage to your property. Check them out in this guide.


6. Update Your Weather Damage Policies

Texas is the No. 1 state for severe weather insurance claims, many of which result from rainstorms, hailstorms, floods, and tornados. Familiarize yourself with what your insurance policies cover — from flood insurance to tornado damage — and give your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent a call to ensure you’re covered for the rainy season.

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