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Winter Weather Watch 2024: What Texans Can Expect (and How They Should Prepare)

By Patrick Reardon 11.7.23

Winter Storm Uri dumped record amounts of snow on Texas, with the frigid temperatures and severe weather impacting all 254 counties in the state in February 2021. The snowstorm is estimated to have caused billions in damages and more than half a million insurance claims, primarily to residential properties. Although Texas experienced a (comparably) uneventful winter between 2022 and 2023, the Farmers’ Almanac — which predicted Uri with partial accuracy — is again advising Texans to prepare for the worst.

Here’s what experts say Texans should know about the coming winter weather in 2024 — and what they can do to prepare.

Farmers’ Almanac: “The Brr Is Back” in Winter 2024

The Farmers’ Almanac has been forecasting North American weather with at least 50% accuracy for over 200 years. Their bet for 2024 is that the U.S. is once again headed for a deep freeze. The forecast is predicated on a looming “super” El Niño, a weather pattern of unusually high water temperature off the west coast of South America that brings heavy rains across the Americas. This, combined with the Almanac’s “tried-and-true forecast formula,” spells out snow, sleet, and ice nationwide.

That goes for Texans, too. The Almanac calls for “unseasonably cold and stormy” weather in Texas this winter. Their report includes a few regular winter storms until early April 2024 but warns of a potential significant snow and ice storm in mid-January.

How to Prepare

While meteorology is a fickle science, and predicting a storm the size of Uri before it’s on top of you is virtually impossible, there’s certainly no better time to prepare for the worst and reduce the risk of damage to your property, wallet, and even your life. Consider taking the following actions to best protect your assets and your loved ones — it’s always better to be overprepared.

Winterize Your Car: Even if the thermometer says temps are above freezing, cold precipitation can create dangerous conditions for driving. Inspect your car battery’s charge, check your tire pressure, and equip your windshield wipers with fresh blades. Fall is also the time to equip your vehicle with emergency gear: pack an ice scraper, extra blankets, hats and gloves, and kitty litter, which can help your tires gain traction when trapped on a slick road.

Winterize Your House: Around 85% of the insurance claims filed in Texas after Winter Storm Uri were for damage to residential properties. Don’t wait until you see your breath outside before weatherstripping your windows and doors, clearing your chimneys and shingles, and inspecting the pipes and drains in and around your home.

Winterize Your Policy: Storms or no storms, you can get ahead of any common winter damage to your property by having the right policy in place. Call your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent today to assess your coverage and see whether you and your family are ready for winter.

As you plan and prep, don’t let your yard and garden go unattended before a big frost hits; you’ll thank yourself come springtime.

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