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A Guide to Texas’ Winter Weather Forecast

By Staci Parks 12.13.22

These days, Texans are more alert when it comes to the threat of winter weather. We’re taking steps earlier and earlier in the season to protect our homes and families before the next winter storm strikes. It may not be perfect, but resources like the Farmers’ Almanac can give a little insight into what Texans can expect throughout the winter months.

The almanac’s longtime followers say it’s on the money between 80-85% of the time, but some modern meteorologists disagree. A University of Illinois study following a five-year period found that the almanac is correct about 50% of the time.

Love it or loathe it, generations of Texans have looked to the almanac for weather-related predictions for nearly two centuries. In fact, the almanac’s largest readership is in the Lone Star State, according to the periodical.  

How Does the Farmers’ Almanac Predict Weather?

Since 1818, the almanac has provided long-range weather forecasts through a “specific and reliable set of rules” developed by David Young, a mathematician, astronomer, and the almanac’s first editor. Over time, the rules were altered and turned into a mathematical and astronomical formula that considers events such as the moon’s tidal action and sunspot activity.

If you’re wondering, the Farmers’ Almanac did predict the heavy snow associated with Winter Storm Uri in February 2021. But the prediction was off on the storm’s timing and severity.

What Does Winter 2023 Hold for Texas?

Texas is in for a winter with “chilly” temperatures with “normal precipitation,” according to the almanac’s extended Texas winter forecast. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, an older, similarly named competitor of the Farmers’ Almanac, says temperatures will be colder than normal with above average snowfall in the north. Here are some of the Farmers’ Almanac’s more specific predictions:

  • There will be between four and five “really cold snaps” throughout the winter months.
  • January and February are expected to be the coldest months.
  • North Texas will see heavy snowfall the first week of 2023.
  • North and Central Texas will experience “significant snows” the second week of January.

How to Prepare for the Winter Ahead

There are things you can do now to protect your home and family from any winter woes ahead, including winterizing your home and vehicles. If you’re not sure where to start, take this quiz to see if your home is ready for winter.

One thing you don’t have to predict is your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent’s loyalty and knowledge. Give your Agent a call if you have questions about how your coverage stacks up against Texas’ predicted winter weather.

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