Texas Living

5 Texas Laws You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking

By Kristy Alpert 4.10.14

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you may have already broken the law.

Don’t worry. We won’t rat you out.

Texas laws run the gamut from relevantly practical to wildly obscure, and with the sheer number of laws that span the state of Texas, there are undoubtedly a few rules and regulations that remain unknown to the general public.

From laws that were never overturned to municipal annoyances, each law in the state was passed for one reason or another — even if some of those laws make you wonder what prompted official legislative involvement. Here are a few obscure Texas laws you could be violating without even knowing it:

1.Texas Health and Safety Code 10.821.A. “A dog may not be left unattended on a leash shorter than five times the length of the dog, measured nose to tail.”

2.El Paso Municipal Code 10.16.090. “It is a class C misdemeanor for any El Paso person to appear in the street or a public place in indecent or lewd dress.”

3.Texas Parks and Wildlife Code 5.66.008. “No person may fish from the deck or road of any bridge or causeway on a road maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation.”

4.Texas Health and Safety Code 5.341.069. “A customer who uses a public toilet facility shall leave the toilet facility in the same condition as it was before the customer used the toilet facility.”

5.Texas Penal Code 9.42.03. “A person commits a class B misdemeanor if he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly obstructs a sidewalk, elevator, aisle, hallway, etc., to which the public has access.”