Texas Living

Protect Your Home with Storm Windows

By Rick Lopez 4.9.14

There’s a good chance you live in Texas if your home has storm windows.

Dwellings in the Lone Star State should be — but aren’t always — built to endure snow, hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and even consecutive weeks of triple-digit heat.

“The climate in this region changes from one extreme to the next,” says Ron Cole, an account executive for Edmond Glass and Van de Steeg & Associates Construction Solutions. “Storm windows are often very effective, since they are usually installed inside the window in the home and are not exposed to our harsh weather patterns.”

Retrofitting your home with double-insulated storm windows will keep it comfortable every day while benefiting your pocketbook for years to come, says Shivani Karwal, a marketing assistant for Window City, a glass manufacturer and online retailer.

“If the windows in your home are old, replacing them with new ones will return your investment in property value,” Karwal says. “Also, if you’re on a budget, a less expensive option is to use storm windows.”

Additionally, the IRS will let you claim a credit of up to $200 for certain energy-saving windows purchased through 2016.

Regardless of which season you decide to install them, you’ll notice a high-yield from your investment.

“Storm windows can be added during any time of the year, but it is best to have them installed and functioning by the winter,” says Karwal.