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Cozy Christmas Cookie List

By Celia Bryan-Brown 11.26.18

Fun activities the whole family can get involved with are the key to a peaceful winter holiday. With little kids getting overexcited about what Santa will bring, making Christmas cookies is the perfect activity to distract them with. Or better still — get older kids involved to supervise while you get a head start on present-wrapping!

Royally Good Icing

Any icing will do, but we love small-batch royal icing, perfect for spreading and creating that enviable sheen. Combine 1 ½ cups of powdered sugar with 1 large egg white and two teaspoons of lemon juice for the prefect spreadable consistency simple enough for even the littlest cooks in the kitchen. Add a few drops of food coloring to separate bowls to create an array of colors to play with.

Photo by Catherine Downes

Melting Snowmen

Drizzle your icing into a little puddle over round sugar cookies, then simply top with a marshmallow cut in half to make a gooey melting snowman. Kids will have great fun giving them different expressions with black gel food color, a little “carrot” nose with an orange sprinkle, and mini M&M’s buttons. Try this recipe.

Snow Globe Cookies

These Christmas cookies are fun to personalize and make great gifts for teachers, party favors for holiday guests, or special treats tucked into gift baskets. All you need is the right cookie cutter, and then you can decorate to your heart’s content. Add a personal touch or a Texas twist by decorating scenes from across Texas or something that’s special to you. Try this recipe for a good starting point.

Cozy Christmas Cookie List

Photo by Catherine Downes

Gingerbread Men

Who can ever have enough gingerbread? The challenge here will be making yours stand out. For a fun twist, try giving them Christmas sweaters or woolly hats. You can even create characters from Texas history or tall tales — or make them look like different members of your family!

Traditional Dutch Speculaas Cookies

These traditional goodies native to Belgium and the Netherlands are also known as windmill cookies (but you can cut them into any shape you like). Because they were traditionally baked for St. Nicholas Day (December 5 or 6) in their native homes, they’re a great excuse to start the festive cookie baking early. Try this recipe

Christmas Puddings

Looking for a low-hassle idea? It’s easy to make sweet “Christmas puddings” by dunking round cookies into melted white chocolate. (For a no-bake version, you can even use Oreos). Use glacé cherries for holly berries and green fondant or icing for holly leaves to create a classic Christmas pudding look, or sprinkle with crushed up candy cane for a sparkly peppermint kick. Try this recipe.

Photo by Catherine Downes

Pre-Prepped Bakes

Slice-and-bakes using fun, festive flavors are always a winner. Stash a few logs in the freezer for delicious Christmas cookies you can whip out with practically no effort. This is a chance to get creative with plenty of nuts, spices, and other Christmas staples. Swap in soft brown sugar and crushed up pecans for a Texas spin. Or for a classic cranberry-orange, try this recipe.

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