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How Texans Celebrate the Holidays

By Staci Parks 11.26.18

Traditions, no matter how big or small, are what bring families together. These special moments shared with the people you love most are what make the holidays so meaningful.

For Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agents, family is the cornerstone of what they do. The Texas Farm Bureau family extends all across Texas and includes each and every member and policyholder.

Today, Agents reflect on their holiday traditions with their families and recall some of their most cherished holiday memories. Write in yours to editor@blog.txfb-ins.com for a chance to be featured! 

Christy Henderson, Denton insurance advisor

“As a child, we would all pile into my grandfather’s old truck to go and look for Rudolph and Santa’s sleigh. We would watch the news to see where Santa was, and once he was near, we would head out. As we drove around the family ranch, one of us kids would find Santa. Once we spotted that red, blinking light in the sky (aka Rudolph), we’d follow him a bit. My grandfather would race back to the house, and we would scurry around to place hay around the front yard for the reindeer. I am not sure we ever went to sleep. Christmas morning was always filled with casseroles, coffee, and kids playing on the floor. Christmas was also filled with family, thanks, and true appreciation for what the day is about. There has always been an incredible amount of love surrounding our family through Christ’s birth and appreciation for what that means to us.”

Kristin McGinty, Hillsboro Agent

“To me, the holiday season is about gathering. My family and my husband’s family all live relatively close by, so we like to gather everyone together for holidays. We have great meals, share stories and memories from the past year, and just take time to slow down and catch up. With the fast-paced society we live in today, it is easy to lose touch and not make time for personal visits, so I look forward to the holidays when we can just be together!”

Lin Winfrey, Gillespie County agency manager

“Christmas has always been a special time for our family. Growing up, we always had the traditional late lunch meal with turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, cranberries, and a multitude of desserts. Once we had our own children, and then grandchildren, we decided to change the meal up to fit our own special tradition. And since Christmas always comes during deer season, the natural choice was chicken-fried deer meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green bean casserole. Everyone really loves this meal and looks forward to it every year.”

Paula Cooper, Spearman Agent

“We always start our Christmas holiday at our Christmas Eve church service. It’s the most important part of our celebration, and our holiday would never be the same without it!”

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