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What Texas Means to Us

By Staci Parks 8.1.18

Originally derived from the Native American word for friend or ally, the name “Texas” has a deep, impactful origin. Today, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance serves more than 300,000 Texans and their families, and lives and works by the motto “neighbors helping neighbors.”

Here’s what Agents have to say about the meaning of “Texas” and what being a Texan means to them.

Tammy Brannon, Silverton Agent

“Texas means family, whether it is growing food to feed your family, helping out when troubles come, or just getting together. From communities to statewide, we treat each other as family would. If you look at hurricanes, our state pulls together until the very last nail is hit and everyone is back in their homes. Others came to help, but we — as a state — pulled together to help. Family takes care of family. When someone needs help, Texans are the first to respond.”

Chris Craig, Plainview Agent

“I have traveled all over the world and lived in both Kansas and Colorado. Life has taken me a lot of places, but the grace of God has allowed me to make my home Texas. I’ve been back for 23 years. There’s no place I’d rather be. The biggest reason is because of the quality of people who call Texas their home. Of all the things that make us great, our work ethic, perseverance, and friendliness set us apart.”

Cade Taylor, Pampa agency manager

“Texas is always a glass full of what brings out the best in people. From the wide-open spaces to the dusted cowboy hat and Houston traffic … it’s iconic. It’s about work, pride, and bringing out the best in those around you. From time to time, we take for granted the ability to look up and see for miles. We believe in the man upstairs and keeping our loved ones close. Texas is no other place but home — ’til death do us part.”

Christy Henderson, Denton Agent

“Texas, and being a Texan, is about community, history, and pride. It’s a one-fingered wave on a back road, [or] an after-church picnic on Sunday in the spring. It’s pride in a job well done, that first calf that hits the ground, and the Saturday morning farmers market. It’s about pride in the great state that we’ve built and how we celebrate our heritage and history. Most of all, being a Texan is how we come together for each other when it comes time to fight or to rise.”

Preserve and protect your piece of our great state by giving your local Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent a call. They won’t just be a number you call to file a claim. They’ll be the neighbor you rely on.


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