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Prepare Your Property for Summer Storms and Surprises

By Staci Parks 8.1.18

The rest of the world may know Texas as eternally dry and scorching hot. But the truth is, the state’s climate is as diverse as its people. Summer months can bring along bursts of severe weather that range from flooding on the coast and hail in the north to wildfire in the Panhandle.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against dominating winds and relentless hail. That’s why roof damage is a fairly universal summertime claim that Agents see throughout the state. But summer holds plenty of other surprises, and there are plenty of places your home could be vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important to do seasonal maintenance checks during that weather sweet spot after spring showers but before the arid summer months. Prepare your property for anything this summer with this essential home maintenance checklist.

10 Home Maintenance Steps

Prepare for any event this summer with these essential steps:

3 Property Insurance Necessities

Cade Taylor, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance agency manager in Pampa in the Panhandle, wants to protect policyholders with three pieces of advice this summer:

1. Act preventively. “You never know when the unexpected will happen,” Taylor says. “Don’t hope for the best. Know what you have, and make sure you are on the same page as your Agent. Don’t be reactive. Be proactive, and go see the person taking care of your most valuable assets.”

2. Brace for wild weather. Taylor suggests going over all your coverage with your Agent every year to make sure all aspects of your home are properly covered. Are you covered for fire, but not windstorm? What about flood damage?

3. File claims for repairs. Let’s say a tumultuous storm blows through, and you don’t see any damage to your home. But you’re unsure. Now is the time to talk with your Agent about possibly filing a claim. Often, larger, more expensive weather-related claims are a result of previous damage to a home that never got addressed, leaving it vulnerable to the next big storm.

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