Texas Living

DIY Holiday Gift-Wrapping Ideas

By Valirie Morgan 12.9.16

Sure, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but when it comes to giving holiday gifts to family and friends, you don’t need to neglect the presentation! Bypass store-bought wrapping paper and channel your creativity with these easy DIY gift-wrapping ideas.

Wrap and Reuse

Old newspapers (especially the comics section), road maps, or even sheet music can serve as a substitute for gift-wrapping paper. Try creating matching bows or garnishes to attach to your gift.


Gifting cookies or other baked goods? Grab an empty potato-chip can or an oatmeal canister and wash out the inside. Then let your imagination go wild as you decorate the outside with glitter, patterned paper, cutouts, or paint. Then fill with goodies and add a gift tag!

Turn to Tape

A favorite of scrapbookers and DIY-ers everywhere, washi tape is an easy way to add flair to your wrapping! Pick up a few rolls at your local craft supply store and use it to border the edges of your gift.

Paper Instead of Plastic

Don’t throw away those paper grocery bags! Cut off the handles and the bottom, and make a straight cut along the seam to flatten. Wrap your gift with the plain, brown side showing outward. For a rustic vibe, tie on a pine cone with twine.

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