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12 Fall Crafts for a Cozy Home

By Annie Wiles 10.4.21

As the world around us grows softer, colder, and quieter, the impulse to nest sets in. Just like the wildlife outside, we start burrowing into our homes, filling them with more blankets, ornaments, and guests, and cooking up enough food to get us through winter.

Make your hibernation more pleasant with fall crafts that bring the textures and scents of nature into your home and give a second life to the fallen leaves and acorns scattered across your yard. We’ve collected some ideas below to start you on your journey.

fall crafts

Leafy Decorations

Make the most of falling leaves with these beautiful fall crafts. Once the joy of raking massive leaf piles and jumping into them fades, have your kids collect the prettiest leaves they can find to decorate your home with.

Autumn Leaf Bunting
Press leaves in an old book and cut out the pages into pennant shapes to string together into a banner for a whimsical fall decoration.
Get the tutorial from Simple as That.

Autumn Leaf & Animal Crowns
Give fall birthday parties and celebrations a forest fairy theme with these adorable autumn leaf crowns and headbands that will transform kids into little woodland creatures.
Get the tutorial from Handmade Charlotte.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candleholders
Tea lights take on an autumnal glow in these magical Mason jar candleholders pasted over with leaves. Collect a variety of colors for a rainbow effect.
Get the tutorial from Spark and Chemistry.

Autumn Leaf Streamers
Aging leaves make the perfect party garland to stream across your house. All you need is leaves from your yard and a glue gun to create a striking and totally natural streamer to twist across mantels, eaves, and doorways.
Get the tutorial from The House That Lars Built.

fall crafts

Outdoor Fun

The natural world is full of materials we can use to brighten our homes, especially in fall, when it decorates itself best. Bring the best earthy gems you can find indoors for unique decorations.

Gold-Leaf Pine Cone Garland
Dress pine cones in sparkling gold leaf and string them up on twine for a pretty holiday garland that will last the winter – and for years to come.
Get the tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion.

Painted Acorns
Take a family walk (or send the kids out on a treasure hunt) to collect acorns to decorate. Brushed with sparkling gold, brown, and green paint, these make great little decorations for gift tags and place cards or just collected in a bowl on the table.
Get the tutorial from Home Stories A to Z.  

Mini Gourd Tea Light Holders
If your local farmers markets and garden stores are filling up with decorative gourds, here’s just one more excuse to go home with a variety. These unique, charming vegetables range from orange mini-pumpkin-looking to warty green-goblin-looking, and they are all beautiful — especially hollowed out to hold little tea lights like these ones.
Get the tutorial from Apartment Therapy.

Cherokee Cornhusk Dolls
Learn how to make traditional Cherokee cornhusk dolls in this video from the Gilcrease Museum in Oklahoma. The dolls are simple and beautiful and will be a great afternoon craft for kids to make and learn about. Remember that the Cherokee never put faces on cornhusk dolls. The Gilcrease Museum’s video will help kids understand their cultural significance as well as how to make them.
Get the tutorial from the Gilcrease Museum.

fall crafts


Smell is our sense most tied to memory, which is likely why it doesn’t truly feel like fall until you smell that crisp in the air and burning woodsmoke outside, or the aroma of apples, cinnamon, orange, and cloves simmering inside. Bring the scents of fall into your home with these ideas.

Cinnamon-Orange Potpourri
This warming potpourri will infuse your home in just 5 minutes. Save and freeze your orange rinds to make it extra easy, then when you’re ready, throw them in a pot with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and water.
Get the tutorial from The Novice Chef.

Orange-Clove All-Purpose Cleaner
Many brands are bringing out their fall scents, but it’s surprisingly simple to whip up homemade cleaning products without the price tags. This one is perfectly scented for fall.
Get the tutorial from DIY Natural.

DIY Fall Candles With Essential Oils
Candle-making is making a comeback, and what better time to add it to your arsenal? This is one project you’ll want to do without any little helpers, since you’ll be melting wax. The fun part is picking out your unique mix of essential oils to give your home the perfect scent.
Get the tutorial from Seventh Generation.

Pumpkin Pie Soap
If you can bear to part with them, these little pumpkin pie slices of soap make the cutest gifts imaginable. Just remind your guests not to eat them!
Get the tutorial from Club Crafted.  

For more fun fall crafts, don’t miss our guides to DIY bird feeders, decorating with gourds, and autumnal tablescapes.

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