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The Perfect Mulled Apple Cider Recipe

By Annie Wiles 10.4.21

The perfect mulled apple cider recipe is whatever you make on a cold night after a day outdoors. But we like this mix of spices on a slow simmer. As soon as you can find apple cider at your local farmer’s market or store, look for a good, fresh, unfiltered bottle — the darker the cider, the better the flavor. Stir it up with your favorite spices and you have the perfect autumn warmer. This recipe serves 6.


½ gallon apple cider
2 cinnamon sticks, plus extra to use as stirring sticks if desired
12 whole cloves
12 allspice berries
6 star anise pods
2 cardamom pods
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
To top: freshly ground nutmeg


In a large pot, combine all ingredients except for the vanilla bean and nutmeg. Scrape in the vanilla bean seeds and then add the bean pod. Bring the cider to a slow simmer over medium heat. Reduce to low and continue to heat just below a simmer for about an hour to allow the flavors to infuse. Strain your cider and pour it into mugs to serve, garnishing with a sprinkle of freshly ground nutmeg. Serve with a little cinnamon stirring stick for an extra touch.

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