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Recipe Roundup: 7 Baked Goods for the Holidays

By Patrick Reardon 11.27.23

Visions of pecan pie, cinnamon sugar, buttermilk frosting, and gingerbread houses are dancing in our heads this time of year as kitchens around Texas transform into holiday bakeries. After all, homemade baked goods and desserts are one of the best parts of the season. Plus, they double as delicious gifts to send your friends and family.

Here are our top holiday baked goods, with recipes ranging from classic Christmas cookies to homemade fudge and everything in between.

Cozy Christmas Cookie List

1. Christmas Cookies

Start the holiday baking season with a Christmastime classic that’s good enough to leave out for Santa. Whether you’re baking gingerbread men, chocolate truffles, sugar cookies, or mallomars (or all of them), cookies are a must this year. Get all of our favorite holiday cookie recipes here, then discover even more recipes in our guide to gifting cookie boxes.

2. Snowy Yule Log Cake

Get the whole family involved in decorating this one-of-a-kind rolled sponge cake. Shaped like a Yule log, dusted with powdered sugar snow, and accented with fondant minutiae the kids will enjoy adding, this adorable cake just might be the next Yuletide tradition in your home. Get the full recipe here.

Christmas Trifle

3. Holiday Trifle

If you’re planning a feast for family in town for the holidays, make sure they save room for this decadent dessert. Our holiday trifle is a creamy pound cake loaded with custard, whipped cream, and fresh berries. It looks too good to eat, but we promise you won’t be able to resist trying a slice (or two). Get our recipe here.

4. Pecan Pie

Here in the South, pecan pie is a quintessential part of any holiday dessert table. Whether you pick your own pecans or pick ’em up from the store, we have three recipes for you to try this year: a cayenne vanilla pecan pie for a bit of sweet and spicy, an Ozark pudding pecan pie recipe that was famous in the White House kitchen in the ’50s, and a slow-cooked, caramelized pecan pie that’s the easiest of the bunch. Get all three pecan pie recipes here.

5. Cinnamon Rolls

For some kids, the only thing better than waking up to toys on Christmas morning is waking up to fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, too. Get our classic DIY recipe here.

6. Homemade Fudge

If you’re an armchair baker looking for a dessert life hack, our three-ingredient fudge recipe is for you. Fudge is famously a tricky treat to perfect, but all you need for this recipe is butter, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and a microwave. Get our cheat-sheet fudge recipe here.


7. Gingerbread House

Make a home for the holidays — a gingerbread home, that is. Our recipe is the perfect family-friendly activity that’s the ideal mix between artsy and tasty. Get our gingerbread house recipe and directions here.

Want to spread the holiday baking love to friends and family around the country? Check out our guide to preparing and gifting wintry baking mixes.

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