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Try These Spooky Halloween Treats

By Celia Bryan-Brown 9.27.18

Is there any holiday as exciting for kids as Halloween? Excitement levels go through the roof when decorating the house and yard for maximum spook factor — and then there’s all the fun of getting dressed up. But the absolute best bit has to be the Halloween candy haul and fun Halloween-themed treats — especially ones the kids can easily help you to make.

Creep it real with savory snacks too. They’d like to think differently, but children cannot live on candy alone! So we’ve included some meal ideas to help avoid chocolate-related meltdowns.

These recipes make conjuring up a spooktacular feast a breeze, so it’s no tricks — just treats.

Halloween treats

Photo by Catherine Downes.

Baby Bats

Make it easy for little ones with these Halloween treats that involve just assembly, no baking. With just four ingredients, these batty sweets are a cinch to make: Just take a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and add Oreo wings and candy eyes, using some icing to make it all stick.

Mummy Cookies

Decorate your kids’ favorite store-bought or homemade cookie (sugar cookies work well) with candy eyes and white decorating icing. Fix a flat tip onto your piping bag for convincing bandages!

Marshmallow Eyeballs

These are especially fun to hand out to visiting trick-or-treaters. Jumbo marshmallows and edible marker make a simple, creepy treat kids will love.

Halloween treats

Photo by Catherine Downes.

Candy Apples

This classic Halloween treat has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve. You can mix up food coloring to make convincingly creepy poison apples for the occasion — black food coloring poured over a small, deep-red McIntosh makes for a treat straight out of Snow White. There are plenty of other, nicer ways to use your apples too.

Coffin Pizzas

These are spookily easy to make. Do your best to find rectangular rolls like panini or ciabatta and slice in half horizontally — then decorate with mozzarella and pesto or tomato sauce. Sliced olives make perfect eyes. Serve with the lid on for maximum scare factor.

Severed Fingers

Serve up hot dogs with an almond flake stuck into one end of it and lots of ketchup squirted over the end. Now you’ve got a severed finger in a bun.

Photo by Catherine Downes.

Frightfully Good Punch

Whip up a delicious green sherbet punch and then let the kids dunk in gummy worms and creepy-crawlies.

Here’s wishing you a spooktacular holiday! Make sure it’s a safe one too.

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