Texas Travel

Frightfully Fun

By Paige Skinner 10.20.13

Every weekend evening, at 4 p.m., Six Flags over Texas in Arlington becomes overrun with hundreds of spooky ghouls creeping out to scare attendees for the annual Halloween-themed Fright Fest.

Fright Fest begins Sept. 21 and hosts dozens upon dozens of haunted houses. Most of the regular roller coasters are still open to guests, but the feel of Fright Fest is completely different than the usual Six Flags over Texas experience.

Walking through a haunted house with people hiding in the dark corners waiting for you to walk by, so they can jump out and scare you puts you right in the Halloween spirit.

If Fright Fest sounds intriguing to you, but maybe not for your young child, don’t worry. Fright Fest offers more kid-friendly events during the day for the younger attendees.

With most of North Texas participating in Friday night football games, Fright Fest typically has a smaller crowd on Fridays than other Six Flags events. Avoid the crowds and lines by going then instead of Saturday. Also, go early and ride all of the open roller coasters, and then wait until the sun sets to walk through the haunted houses.

As a bonus, while the crowds are usually significantly smaller, the weather during the September and October months are also significantly nicer.

Do come prepared to shell out some additional cash, as some of haunted houses cost up to $10 to walk through, but don’t let that scare you away. The haunted houses that require the extra money are the scariest and will guarantee that you let out a bone-chilling screech.