Texas Travel

Spookiest haunts in Texas

By Rachel Elmalawany 10.18.13

Rumor has it that there are some very spooky paranormal happenings around Texas. This month, take some time to visit some of the most haunted places the state has to offer.

The Baker Hotel

The 14-story hotel in Mineral Wells opened in 1929 and closed in 1972. It isn’t open to the public, but the hotel was featured on the television show Ghost Adventures. Take a drive by and see if you find any of the shadowy figures that have been reported hanging around.

Six Flags Over Texas

For years, guests have said the ghost of a little girl haunts the yellow candy store. The light flips on and off and the curtains open and close. Is it just staff working in the storage room, or is the store really haunted?

Nat Ballroom

Originally called the Natatorium, this Amarillo indoor swimming pool was covered with a wooden dance floor in 1926 and redubbed the Nat Ballroom. There are reports of dancing ghosts that still like to take a spin on the hardwood. The Nat is now an antique mall that is open to the public. Enter if you dare!

El Paso Museum of Art

According to legend, the museum features not only great art, but great ghosts. Look out for opening doors, flickering lights, and moaning sounds.