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An Insurance Agent’s Winter Driving Tips

By Emily C. Laskowski 12.5.19

There’s a commonly heard phrase in Texas that goes like this: If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.

The Lone Star State doesn’t abide by seasonal temperatures much, which sometimes means summer flooding, autumnal droughts, and the occasional spring snowstorm. “I think one of the hardest things in our part of the world is that we don’t have a consistent winter,” says Amy Riggan, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Lubbock. “So, our roads are not as well prepared for ice, and our drivers aren’t accustomed to driving in harsh conditions.”

Our roads may not always be prepared, but drivers can take some simple precautionary measures to stay safe on the road. Take care of yourself and other drivers by following these simple steps to winterize your ride. Here are Riggan’s top five winter driving tips.

1. Do the smart thing.

“Having auto insurance in place will help in the event you haven’t necessarily prepared for harsh weather conditions and you do have an accident. Your liability insurance is going to help take care of those you injure or property damage you cause. Having full coverage or comprehensive and collision coverage on your own vehicle will help pay for the damages that could happen to your own vehicle with those accidents.”

2. Watch out for other drivers.

“You might be very good at maintaining your own property, but others may not be. If they have not taken care of their tires or brakes and have an accident colliding with you but don’t have insurance, it is imperative you have uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance to help pay for your own medical bills and property damage.”

3. Give your car a checkup.

“I do think the inconsistent weather causes more wrecks and problems during the winter. The changes in temperature can be detrimental to tires, exterior paint, your windshield washers, battery life, and brakes.”

Before hitting the road this winter, be sure to:

  • Check your tire pressure and rotate the tires.
  • Check your breaks on regular maintenance visits.
  • Check your windshield wipers — they are essential.
  • Check your battery life, since cold pressures are known to take a toll on batteries.
  • Meet with your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent regarding limits and deductibles.

4. Take responsibility.

“Driving a car is a huge responsibility. Every time you’re behind the wheel, you’re responsible for your life and the lives of those in your own vehicle, as well as the other families on the road. If you do have an accident, having appropriate liability limits and physical damage coverage on your vehicle will help reduce expenses incurred by an accident.”

5. Review the calendar — and your coverage.

“Make sure your liability limits are up to date and sufficient to cover your assets. In the event of any physical damage, make sure you have deductibles you can afford for your own vehicle. If you live in an area with harsh winter weather, for example, you might consider lowering those deductibles during the more high-risk winter months.”

Call your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent today to talk through auto insurance and other important options, including rental reimbursement, windshield coverage, and roadside assistance.

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