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Roundup: Complete Texas Safety Guide

By Staci Parks 3.8.24

Safety and security are essential to how we feel and move throughout the world. We’ve rounded up our best articles to create this safety guide to help you and your family navigate everything from Texas weather to outdoor recreation.

home safety guide

At Home

Home is where the heart is, so take extra measures to keep it your refuge. When you’re vacationing, take extra precautions — such as keeping lights on and locking doors — to keep thieves away. If you’ve updated your home’s “smart” features, these smart home security tips can keep you safe from cyber threats, whether it’s as simple as updating a password or investing in an independent, encrypted network. 

Aside from weather, fire hazards pose a significant risk to your home. But there are things you can do, such as frequently cleaning your chimney, to prevent house fires. Read our complete home fire safety guide.

Backyard: Keep your outdoor oasis accident-free during your next event with cookout safety tips, including proper station cleaning and meticulous food prep. Adding a chiminea to your patio setup? Make sure to give it space and don’t overload the base. Spruce up your backyard space with these essential steps to lawn-care safety

Learn more about the hazards threatening your home and affecting your property insurance.

online safety guide


As technology evolves, it’s critical to protect your digital life, too. Understand your exposure to potential AI scams, like deepfake videos and phishing emails, and know what to do if you’re targeted. It’s also important to keep your kids safe on social media. Learn more tips for online safety.

on the road safety guide

On the Road

In 2022, there was a reportable crash every 57 seconds on Texas roads, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. While some accidents are unavoidable, there are things you can do to be as prepared as possible — such as having roadside assistance coverage. You can also invest in vehicle safety features, including car alarms, adaptive headlights, and backup cameras. Having a car emergency kit checklist can help, too. It’ll ensure you have everything from flashlights and a first-aid kit to water and necessary documentation should you need it. Before you hit the road, make sure your kids are safe, too, with this car seat and booster safety guide. Learn more roadside safety tips for Texas drivers.

Winter driving: Texas roads can be brutal in the winter months, with black ice forming on highways and byways. Be mindful of rural roads especially, as they may have varying textures and sometimes wildlife wandering along. Pack a winter driving essentials kit that includes thermal gear, flares, and cat litter, which can provide the friction your tires need to get moving again if you are stuck. Learn more about winter driving safety.

outdoor safety guide

Outdoors & Recreation

With more than 250,000 square miles of our great state to explore, it’s no wonder that Texans love being outside. But there are safety considerations, whether you’re boating on Lake Travis, exploring open spaces on ATV, or nestled into a state park for a weekend of camping. If you’re more of an urban explorer, check out our safety guide for biking in Texas’ cities.

pet safety guide


There are certain safety measures to consider with our furry friends, too. If you’re about to start spring cleaning, refresh your cleaning routine with nontoxic, pet-safe products. Consider safety when driving with your pets by packing their essentials and finding a seat belt that keeps them in place while in transit. As the temperatures rise, you’ll want to take special care to look after your pets by preventing overheating and being mindful of their physical limits when exercising outdoors. Learn more about looking after your pets.

weather safety guide


Sometimes, Texas can experience all four seasons in one day. Our state, covering 800 miles from north to south, is home to several types of extreme weather, from heat to hurricanes. Spring and summer can bring volatile storms that produce tornadoes. Know what to do in a tornado. Alternatively, you’ll want to properly prep your home for the next ice storm to prevent water damage from burst pipes. Learn more about Texas weather safety.

Summer. Texas’ hottest months can impact everything — your home, vehicle, and YOU! Before hitting the road, inspect your tire tread and inflation, oil, and turn signals. Learn more about summer driving safety — especially during the busy Fourth of July holiday. Knowing what to do in heat emergencies can keep you and your loved ones safe. Diving into summer fun? Stay safe at the pool, beach, and Fourth of July fireworks.

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