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Your Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

By Joshua Baethge 9.13.19

A home is one of the biggest investments most people make. For many, it’s the foundation upon which their life revolves. That’s why it’s so important to properly care for your property.

One of the best ways to do that is to make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance. That can be tough. When did you last clean the gutters? How old is your roof? This annual home maintenance checklist is the ultimate guide to making sure you’ve checked all the boxes for each season. Start here:

Fall Nesting

At the end of a warm, wonderful fall, it’s important to look ahead to an unforgiving winter. Now is the time to address any outdoor concerns before cold weather makes winterizing the exterior of your home impossible. Complete these 10 tasks before the weather turns:

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Winter Burrowing

Texas winters may not be as extreme as some northern ones, but you never know when the temperature is going to drop faster than a roller coaster. Before the holidays hit, carefully examine the inside of your home and complete these 10 tasks:

Wrapping up indoors:

Warming up safely:

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Spring Fever

The return of warm weather brings the perfect time to open up windows and reset. Celebrate the renewal of spring by checking off these 10 steps:

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Summertime Madness

From wild weather to heat to invading critters, summers can hold a lot of surprises. Ready your home with the following 10 steps:

Year-Round Coverage

Just as the seasons change, insurance needs change over time. Perhaps you added on to your property or purchased a new vehicle. Maybe you bought the tractor or boat you’ve been saving up for. There’s a good chance that when you did, the last thing on your mind was insurance.

According to Brandon Willis, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance agency manager in Mason, Agents should check in at least every year for a 360 Review to make sure their members’ current policies are still adequate. “We make it a point as a company to sit with each of our members to make sure we are covering all of their needs,” he says. “We want to say ahead of life changes.”

Find out how your recent life changes could affect your insurance needs

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